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Bootstrapping your indie business
Jun 24, 2019
One minute read

A few months ago I gave my first pubic talk at Pixels Camp v3.0 where I gave some tips on starting your own business.

The lessons I shared were based on my own experience and the talk ended up being a lot more personal than I originally anticipated. For a conference heavily centered in technology I wasn’t sure how this was going to be received but the feedback was actually pretty good.

If you do end up watching this talk I’d love to hear your comments on it. I’d like to start doing some more public speaking and having some feedback on how to improve would be great. Reply to this tweet to let me know your thoughts or simply e-mail me.

PS: I just got back from SwiftAveiro where I gave a workshop on Swift’s interoperability with C. There aren’t any videos of that (doesn’t really make sense for a workshop format) but I might turn the content into a blog post soon.

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